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This is the Podright brand logo, it is a pink letter P with a White old style microphone in it - the words beside it say Podright, simple professional podcasts



Podright offers specialised podcast production services for academic and corporate clients. We streamline the process by utilising online recording tools, offering expert advice and support throughout the podcast creation journey. 


This is the logo of Oxford University
Podright handled everything from guidance to participants at ideas stage through to final editing of the series. It was a really enjoyable process and we would definitely recommend Podright."

Hannah Harris, Website & Communications Manager University of Oxford


Our services include advice and guidance, intro/outro design and production, guest preparation and coaching, online recording, editing, and uploading of a polished podcast ready for audience delivery. 


Where do I start? We offer support and guidance on your podcast project every step of the way

Online Recording

What do I need? We record your podcast remotely, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection 

Editing and Delivery

What do I have to do? Other than talking, nothing. We edit, produce, polish and deliver your podcast

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